February 2017

In recent years, there’s been a growing trend among the young forward-thinking fashionista of the world. Where fashion accolades were once awarded to those at the most expensive, most sought after premium brands; today that seems to be noticeably shifting.


Reminiscent of the late 70s Punk scene in culture and climate, ‘DIY’ style is making a meteoric return. The likes of Etienne Memon, Elizabeth Ilsley and Ibeye Camp are starting custom style brands. Ryan Hawaii is also making an impact; from Japan to Amsterdam.


Simply as appreciators of style and imagery, these designers are now choosing to add patches, paint, stitch and redesign or otherwise alter their clothes for a more personal sense of style. This freedom of expression is at the core of what Ryan Hawaii and today’s youth stands for. This is the original and true meaning of the term ‘Streetwear’.


The non-conformist artist from South East London has been creating a signature that reflects the attitudes of British youth. Ryan’s art comes in a range of different mediums, showcased on anything from second-hand clothing to recycled packaging. Heavy influence is drawn from popular culture and political views that empower young people and define the generation.

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Ryan’s HÄCKA residency took place February 2017.


Ryan Hawaii burn jacket

Ryan Hawaii help jacket